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Humanist Funeral Tribute Archive

Humanist funerals are a celebration of the life that was lived. This digital archive is the perfect way to preserve and continue that celebration for many years after that life comes to a close.

Maureen Duffy, writer, activist, and patron of Humanists UK

The Humanist Funeral Tribute Archive is a unique and growing collection of more than 400 tributes from humanist funerals. This online archive preserves the stories of hundreds of ‘ordinary’ humanists, alongside photographs and, in many cases, orders of ceremony. It is a rich insight into the lives of a diverse range of individuals, as well into humanist funerals themselves, which continue a centuries-long tradition of ceremonies tailored to the non-religious.

The Humanist Funeral Tribute Archive is a valuable resource for researchers, as well as for the loved ones of those whose stories are held within it. It is open for anyone to explore.

Sometimes the people we write tributes for are well known, sometimes they have had remarkable achievements, sometimes they have been essentially private people who have lived their lives far from the public gaze, but all of them are deserving of a story well told.

Felicity Harvest, Humanist Celebrant
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