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Resources for schools

You can find a range of learning resources about the history and influence of humanism at our sister site, Understanding Humanism, charting over 2000 years of humanist thought and action.

Humanist Heritage resources you can find on Understanding Humanism include:

A history of humanist thought

From ancient India, China, and Greece, through the Enlightenment, to the formation of the first humanist organisations in the 19th century.

History of Humanists UK

From its foundation as the Union of Ethical Societies in 1896 to the biggest charity representing the non-religious today.

A history of global humanism

The work of humanist individuals and organisations to further peace and international cooperation in the 20th century.

Humanisms of the world

Where around the world can we find a history of humanist thought?

Championing change

What have humanists done to influence the world in which we now live? What impact has their work had on human freedoms, rights, and equality?

A history of humanist ceremonies

Over 100 years of humanist namings, weddings, and funerals.

Think for yourself, act for everyone

Discover the stories of four amazing humanist women who changed the world. With additional information and questions to help you explore and discuss what inspires and motivates humanists. Featuring George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans), Florence Dixie, Rosalind Franklin, and Lorraine Hansberry.

Resources on humanism in Wales

We have also created resources on the history of humanism in Wales and prominent Welsh humanists, which are available in both English and Welsh.

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