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A note of thanks to all of those who have lent their time, enthusiasm, and expertise to the Humanist Heritage project since its beginnings in 2019:

Nathan Alexander

Chris Allen

Nana Apprey-Abraham

Jessica Beck

Mark Carew

Aidan Chase-McCarthy

Alicia Chilcott

Iain Deboys

Robert Forder

Simon Hilditch

Louis Holmes

Chris Jenord

Clark Kimberling

Derek Lennard

Gillian Lighton

Jo Linney

John Lubbock

Liz Lutgendorff

Charlie Lynch

Kirstie Maclean

Amy Matthewson

David Pollock

Lorane Prévost

Paul Primhak

David Rosenberg

Katherine Sansom

Nishul Shah

Norma Sleator

Thank you

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